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Residential Design

Our Expertise will help you to choose the type of design like Urban Modern, Traditional or Luxury which suits your individual needs, personality and demand under budget. We usually customised everything for the best match and do cherry picking some time for time saving if required. Doaze believe in crafting your dream into reality and provide you the pleasure of a functional & innovative home interior.

Commercial Design

Doaze as an award winning Commercial Interior Designers work with passion and provide the innovative and attractive design where people will definitely stick like a magnet. Whenever, our clients talk about a project with us we make sure of an excellent project management and execution. Commercial interior design involves the development of interior areas used for business purposes.

Hospitality Design

The interior designers at Doaze Design believe in creating wonders and let not the corporate people compromise their life style while outing. We never compromise royal & luxury experience of each guest, so we provide the unique and durable interior. Innovative & Memorable interiors is must in hospitality as it attracts guests and maximize the profit and let them pull back in the next visit for sure.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

In this phase, we meet the client to gather the client’s need and requirements. We take a complete and detailed brief from the clients right from the color of the walls to the furniture and lighting of the room, etc. We ask about all the requirements of the client. The reason behind it is that we believe that a project is complete only when the brief of the client is met. We don’t design the four walls made of brick and mortar, we turn the design and decoration dreams of people into reality. After knowing all the expectations and aspirations of the clients, we discuss the budget.

Now we know your requirements. We will ideate your briefs and tell you what the project will cost to you. We will browse through various designs and concepts. After that, we will show you the sample designs and guide you on what will suit your office, home, hotel or commercial building. Space planning is also done in this step. After the approval of the design and the concept, we will move towards the next step of our project.

In this phase, we will finalize the design and create a prototype. We will create a 3D digital graphic which will show you the final view of your space which you wanted us to design. It will be exactly like what you wanted us to do. Color of walls, floor texture, decorations, lightings, size and shape of the furniture, fabric, and color of the curtains, windows, doors and other furnishings. When you agree to it will move to the other phase and if not we will make changes.

When you have approved our design concept, our inhouse manufacturers will build the furniture, furnishings, etc. Curtains and all other decorative pieces will be procured. After we have procured all the required material, we will ask you to leave your property at our stake and then we install the design and then handover your property to you with the confidence that you will be amazed to see your dream coming to reality.

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