5 secrets of Simple, Minimal Design

Minimalism has emerged as one of the most liked trends in interior design. This trend is popular among all from corporate offices to houses, everybody is a fan of minimal design. People are consistently inclined towards them because of their elegance. Let’s have a look on what minimalism features:


Without proper lighting, it will be next to impossible to create a perfectly adorable space for your office as well as your home. As the best interior designer in Delhi we swear by the fact that it plays a very important role. For getting a minimal look you must use pendant lights as they blend into the design perfectly and provide a warming effect to the surroundings. You can use dot suspension pendants, as they will very well boast off your inclination towards style in minimalism. Lighting on the one hand if gets along well it will create a sense of simplicity in the design and if went wrong it can spill the beans about your flaws in interior design. You must arrange for lighting in the corners as they tend to illuminate the whole space without being tough on the eyes. Illuminate the rooms with light. The more, the better.

Use of neutral shades

Neutral shades are a must in minimal design. You must choose a single colour theme, if you want to give your house the elegant minimalist touch. These days neutral shades are very popular among many home interior designer in Gurgaon. If you are using monochrome colour palette for the wall, you have to choose a dominating colour for all the furniture. You must experiment with the textures in colours, so that the design must not feel monotonous  and have the element of contrast. For instance, you can use grey-green, it is perfect for minimalist designs and has calming and balancing qualities. All white can also be used in  interiors because of its open and airy qualities. It not only perpetuates the simple, elegant essence but also makes the space more friendly. Not just whites there are a lot of options in neutrals like muted grey, light cappuccino, beige, and other pastel shades.

Proper mix of balance, proportion and other basics

When a room doesn’t have many things in it, you have to get glued to balance, proportion and harmony. Without harmony everything will just look like a clutter. From cushions to art works you have to put everything in symmetry. Visually the room must look balanced. All the furnishings must coordinate with each other.

Essentials only

One of the most anticing things about minimal interior design is its essentials only principle.

It is based on the philosophy of eliminating the waste. To get a minimal design one must first declutter every thing which it doesn’t use. In this design less is more. It tends to neglect the complicacies of details in designing.To give a minimal look to your place, you must go for plants. They never get too much. You can use large plants to create a statement and emphasize on design.

Quality over quantity

When you seek minimal design you must choose quality over quantity. You have to pick up unique and intricately carved pieces in order to get the essence of this design. It does not advocate ornamentalism. It is based on the idea of less is more.

All the tips mentioned over here are given by our inhouse top designers. By following these secrets you can very change the looks of your house or office interiors as per the minimal theme. If you want more, you can contact us and meet us. We are the best interior designing company in Delhi NCR, we would love to help you.