Modern home design

5 things that make a room from good to great

Has it ever happened to you that you looked at your room and it seemed boring and monotonous? If yes, it happens because you are living with the same interiors for a very long period of time, opt Doaze design’s Modern home design techniques. You need not worry as though you may not be an interior designer but you can always change how your room looks and give it fresh and positive vibes. If you want to change the way your space looks, you can do the following:

Lighting in Modern home design

Lighting is the most important element of any decor. With proper lighting, you can give your room a special look. It not only increases the aesthetic appeal of the room but also creates the mood and ambiance of the place. It creates a comfortable environment in the room. Choosing the proper lighting fixtures is the key to enhance the glorious and elegant style of your space. For example, you can use ambient lighting to enhance the radiance of your room. On the other hand, accent lighting can be used to show an art piece or a photograph. Our home interior designer swears by the effect lighting can bring to your room interiors.


If your place looks monotonous you need to add some greenery to it. This is not my statement, best interior designers in Delhi are saying this. It will give a soothing feel to your room. They too have an aesthetic appeal. They will illuminate your space. You can use large plants they will create a statement, while small plants can be planted in attractive pots and can be put anywhere right from the table to window sills. Besides this, they will help you to lower down your blood pressure and make you calmer. They can help you stay more focused and increase your productivity. Lilies, English ivy, Areca palm, Jade, rubber fig, Wandering Jew, etc can be used in revamping your interiors.


Rugs decide the look and feel of your room. They are actually the game-changers. In order to give a feel of connectedness or belonging you must use a rug as per the theme of your room. You can use rugs to create a pathway from room to corridor, else you can also use them to add character and warmth to the room and hallway. You can use rugs to connect different spaces, for doing this you can use identical styles or identical colored rugs at the connecting places.

The right art in Modern home design

The key to adding some variety to the interior of your room is adding a beautiful piece of art to it.  Art shows our creativity and imagination. It adds color to the room.  The best interior designers in Gurgaon are using art pieces to make the rooms designed by them a masterpiece. You can also use a perfect art piece as the decisive object for the color combination of your theme. For example, you chose a painting, now you can make it a focal point all the decor in your room right from lighting to various tiny decorative objects and even the color scheme of your room will revolve around that. So if you really want to work on the interiors of your place, get a beautiful artwork.

Textiles in Modern home design

They are the most important aspect of redesigning your room. If you want to attain a specific statement and style, textile has a huge role to play. It also adds color to the room. From upholstery to cushion covers, textiles have a large share in interior designing. You can use silk, rayon, leather, and nylon as per your need. They also give tones and textures to the room. If your room is not lit properly you must use the warmer tones and light color fabrics to bring more light and creating a welcoming space. On the other hand, if your room is sunny or clear you can play with cold tones in the fabric and darker colors.

This was all about how you can renovate your room, without an interior designer. Before trying your hands at this, make yourself familiar with the amount of space you have, what style you want, and de-clutter space, then only you will be able to figure out exactly what you need to do. We are the best interior designing company, you can get in touch with us to garner your interior designing needs. We are committed to delivering the best to our clients.